RestQuery GET Request Preview works but Run doesn't

Hello all,

(apologies in advance if this question has been asked before). I'm currently encountering a weird issue with introducing a new RESTQUERY (restapi) code to my Retool web application. I've add the appropriate parameters for the GET call and have ran the Preview functionality to ensure the request is valid and is getting back a response.

However, in clicking the Run button, I'm seeing no response come back. Switching over to the preview page and inspecting via Chrome, I do see the request is being made and a response is provided.

For context, I'm currently developing on the new Retool web IDE.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

have you enable transform results?
If so, don't remember to return data in that block.

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Thanks for the tip! That was the issue, the RESTQuery get had transform results enabled and was incorrectly transforming the response (which had a different shape). Disabling the transform results seems to allow the response to come back as is.

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