Route the user to a specific "Landing Page App" after Login

Happy New Year 2024 everyone!

Question: I want to route every user to a specific app after the login. For most of the users they should´nt even see the retool dashboard.
I found a option in the user permissions settings. When I select the "All Users" Group and go to the "Additional" Tab. There is a Option "Workspace homepage" I set this to my "Landingpage" App. But its doesnt work. I set this up for every user group. I am in all groups. If I login I start where I last been. Does this only work for none admin users?

Hi @ben10, I hope you had a great start for the year!

Here is a doc that goes over the configuration to route our users to specific apps. Additionally, you can check this topic where we discussed how to manage permissions.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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It'd be really cool to have this option in the TEAMS plan. Anything similar possible? I'm sure many of us have a small team of standard users (with just one editor) and it'd be really cool if there was a solution for that plan too.

Hi @Ignacio_Martinez, there are currently no plans on adding this feature to Teams. The closest workaround is to add a "Home" button to our apps and use utils.openApp() to send them to the app of our choice. Here is the doc for the openApp function.