Retool Self Hosted Default App

Hi there,

Is it possible to have a default app load up for users after they login for Self Hosted?



Hey @lukeyb! Are you looking for something like the Workspace homepage (click your Avatar in the top right > Settings > Permissions > Pick a group > Additional > Workspace homepage)?

Yes that is what I need but we are on the teams plan and I not able to change it, everything is greyed out.

We just need all users to land on a dashboard app and dont want to upgrade to enterprise to do it.

Ah, got it. I think this is only possible with the granular permissions feature, which is only available on our Business (Cloud only) and Enterprise plans, unfortunately :pensive:

Would you mind sharing a bit more about your current Retool use case? I'd like to pass it along to our pricing feedback team to make sure your request gets considered as we think about how we structure our pricing model.

Hi there,

We just need to be able to drop people on a particular page when they log into the app.



Got it, thank you! For anyone else with feedback about this feature, please post here.

Hi @Victoria,

This feature works nicely for users after they sign in. Currently, when a user logs in and is redirected to the app, if they click the back button, they land on the standard Retool home page. Is it possible to replace the standard Retool page with the same app that we have after login in such cases (and always when the user enters the main page and is logged in)?

Thank you.

Thank you for the request! I added it to our internal list and will keep you updated. Our engineers may have some follow-up questions—I'll let you know in this thread if so :+1:

Follow up question for you, @heynoway!

If a Workspace is properly set up, every time you hit the home page, you should be redirected to that application. It seems like there might not be a Workspace set up. Would you mind checking our your Workspace settings? :slight_smile:

Hi @victoria,

I managed to get it to work, but I don't believe it functions as intended.

Our use case is as follows:

We have a dashboard app that should serve as the landing page for all business users. We have a group called LandingPage that includes all business users. The "LandingPage" group utilizes the "Workspace homepage" functionality.

Additionally, business users are also members of app-specific groups such as app1, app2, and app3. These groups provide access to the respective apps and resources.

In this setup, the "Workspace homepage" feature does not work as expected. I had to add the Landing page app to all the groups (app1, app2, app3) for the redirect to work in this configuration.

Thank you for letting me know! I've shared this with the team + glad you got some configuration working, even if it's definitely not as you would originally expect :pensive: