How can end user login directly to specific application

I have different application and different user. I want when a user (end user) login he should see only specific application not all app and other things. Currently I am on free plan suggest me how can I achieve this.


I don't believe this is available on the free plan AFAIK

Hey @mpmohi!

Scott is correct—this would require user permissions, which are only available on the Business and Enterprise plans.

Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

@ScottR and @victoria Thanks for reply.

@victoria if my client change pricing how should I configure a user so that when he is signed in he is directly logged into specific app? Just adding them to specific app and nothing else will solve this ?

Another thing what if we want to give use a custome login page it this possible ? on which package ?


Yup! You can only allow them access to one app so when they log in to Retool, they only see one app to click. If you want to automatically open an app for them, Workspaces might be helpful :slight_smile:

By custom login page, do you mean you'd like to customize the page users see when they navigate to I believe that would fall under branding and is only possible on the Enterprise plan.

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Thanks for your support.