Ri[] array for nested lists not available in Go to app click handler parameters

I'm using nested list views and inside of a nested list I have a drop down menu, with one item having the click action Go to app, and the other item having the click item Go to URL.

In the "Go to URL" case I'm able to use the ri array


But in the "Go to app" I'm not


Seems like a corner-case bug in implementing nested arrays! I can obviously work around by using go-to-url to go to the app.

Hey rob_at_brilliant!

I think this is just an visual bug - the code should work without issues it's just erroring out due to static code evaluation.

I've tested this and the value is passed even though its showing the ReferenceError.

Clicking on a different button passes the desired value.

Hope this helps!

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That's good to know, thank you!