Event handler: how to reference self?

Hi guys, I have a dynamically generated listbox component where each container inside contains a button.

I know that I can reference each container like {{ kunden.data.transaktionsart[i] }}

However now I have buttons inside those containers with event handlers and inside those event handlers {{ kunden.data.transaktionsart[i] }} doesn't work.

How can I reference the component of an event handler within the event handler?

I think your click event should have access to {{item}} which would contain that data?

Unfortunately not, it says item is not defined.

This is what I'm seeing using {{item}}
Are you using legacy listview or the current version?

Ah, I have just tried it out and it seems like {{ item }} only doesn't work within the params field of the 'Go to app' action:

I wonder if this is intended or a bug? I am using the current version btw., I have solved this by setting the action to 'Go to URL' and setting the app link with {{ item }} there.

That might just be a linter warning that's a false positive (it thinks there's something wrong, but at runtime it works perfectly fine w no errors or warnings). This happens a lot for me if one query uses the results from another. when i reference the 1st query results before it's ran, the .data hasn't been populated so the linter throws a warning. obv, this isn't the same situation but it might be the same result where the value of {{ item }} is evaluating to undefined.

you can check if this is case by changing it to {{ item != undefined ? item : "" }} or something similar. be sure to use !=, this way null and undefined are both evaluated. this will give the linter a backup option to make the warning go away.