Magic i variable for ListView not available within Link event handler

I'm successfully using the magic i variable within a listView pull data from an array. In the screenshots, you can see that I am using this magic variable successfully in the Text attribute for the Links on each ListView entry.

But, I want these links to open another app and pass some data to that app based on the listView item. So, I've set the event handler in the link to open an app, and then I tried to use the magic i variable to pass some data from the specific list item to the other app (see screenshot). But, the magic i variable is not recognised within the event handler set-up. Is this a known limitation, or is there another way I can pass data from a listItem? Or, am I just doing something l silly?

Hi @bpretool Thanks for reaching out & welcome to the community!

I think the error may be because i will not be defined until you actually trigger the action. Can you try clicking the link & checking to see if the index gets properly defined?

I just tried this same set up on my side and it worked :crossed_fingers:

Thank you! I'll try that as soon as I can and post the outcome.