Reusable modules

One of the new features that appear under Beta is called Modules. I’m very interested in using these but can’t find any documentation about it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Hey @spretool! Good eye, that was just today put out and is only starting testing with a small group now. It will probably be some time before we finalize that feature as a general release, but it functions quite similarly to and is heavily influenced by this feature request: Component Library

Is that the kind of functionality you were looking for from the name “modules”?

Yes! That’s exactly what I would like to use. A block of components (ideally with queries and scripts attached) that can be reused across multiple apps. Does that mean the feature is not yet available then? It’s great to hear that it’s in the workings anyway :slight_smile:

It is not quite ready for the limelight, but we aren’t far out from it!

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