Ability to see which apps use a given module?

Is there a way to see which apps use a given module? I checked the Modules docs page, here in the forums, and by poking in our org's Retool homepage, but nothing came up.

So as it stands it seems I have no way to know the risks involved in publishing an update to a module.

For instance, if I knew a couple experimental apps had a certain module embedded, then I could limit my QA time at my discretion.

But if it were used across various apps and across teams I had no idea were using it, I may to some preliminary research and surveying, longer testing cycle, etc.

Also it's just curiosity as well as to understand new potential use-cases, inputs, etc. :slight_smile:

Ah, I found it!

While in edit mode, go to the State tab.

This callout would be great to add to the official Modules docs page :wink:

[excuse the redaction, out of precaution]

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