Turning app into a module (transfer components and queries to module)


I created an App that now I want to reuse inside other apps, so it should definately be a module; however it has a lot of queries and I cant find a way to copy and paste or transfer the queries to the new module that I am creating. The components can be copied and pasted easily, but not the queries.

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I have never found a way to do exactly what you are doing...probably should be a Feature Request

I think modules are intented to be small groups of components

Hey @ggallese!

There's actually an option to clone an app into a module in the 3-dot menu at the top right of the editor:

Does that help with what you're looking for?


Hi Kabirdas, thanks!! Yes... sadly, I figured it out too late.....

Sorry to hear that, @ggallese - but thank you for asking here so the answer is now available for others to search and find! Hopefully it will save you time the next time you want to turn an app into a module it as well :slight_smile:

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