Retool's new pricing

Hi all,

Today we announced major changes to our pricing to make Retool more accessible to as many teams as possible.

Here’s what we’ve updated:

  • Instead of charging the same price for any user at your company, we will now charge different rates for standard users (people who build apps in Retool) and a significantly lower amount for end users (people who only view or use Retool apps). See the details on our pricing page.

  • We’re also adding an annual billing option to our Team and Business plans so that you can pay annually and get an additional 20% discount per user.

  • And, we’re introducing a self-hosted Business plan for teams that prefer to self-host and need more granular permissions, audit logs, reusable modules, and other security features.

Existing Free, Team, and Business plan customers can switch over to the new plans from your billing page at any time and we expect that many of you will find that the new pricing better meets your team’s needs. If you’d like to stay on your current plan, there’s no action required—your current plan will still be available until the end of 2024 and we’ll provide plenty of notice before then. Note that self-hosted orgs will need to upgrade to 2.117 or later prior to switching plans.

To learn more, check out our updated pricing page.


I just got the email and came straight here just to yell THANK YOU! I've been waiting for this for a long time. Finding, learning and deploying Retool has been a game changer for me and my organization, we've done some wicked cool things, but I could not push my use cases to their full potential due to the old pricing model (we're just too small to have a big IT budget). I'm liking this new model so much better (for me, its the ability to now have granular user permissions on-prem without needing enterprise; the cheaper price per non-editor is just a bonus!). My mind is now spinning with new app possibilities, I can't wait to see where it leads!

Ok, just noticed that the Standard User price actually went up to $65 for monthly billing. It stays the same $50 if you buy a year in advance.

That leaves me with a question about seat count on a yearly subscription. If I buy 10 seats on a yearly and assign them to 10 employees. Two months later 2 employees leave leaving me with 8 employees and 10 Retool seats.

Can I cancel the extra seats and get a refund for the remaining 8 months (at a recalculated monthly rate equivalent obviously)?

You guys are going to own the market now. Pricing was the only thing holding you back. I am still amazed how much functionality was in the free version. I have built some apps that are very functional, but now need more than 5 modules! Thanks for the new pricing. Perfect timing.

Another thing came up while moving a client over to the new pricing. They have 4 accounts now and we specified 2 Standard and 2 End User accounts with the change. The Billing page show 4 Standard Accounts.

Not sure why that is. And how do we tell it which accounts will be what type?

Just another +1 from me - game changer for sure!

I love that you've identified that the key is adoption within each organization, and the more users the "stickier" Retool becomes. Great job lowering that barrier to wider adoption. I've already sent emails to potential customers of my consulting practice that have balked at the original pricing, hopefully a few of them come back ready to roll now.

Hey folks!

There's a useful pricing FAQ here that may help answer some of your questions. There's also a breakdown on this page of how user plan levels are determined based on usage.