Retool v2.74 "Event handlers for queries" -> Update uses old query names


so i updated our self hosted Retool instance to Version 2.74.18 where Event handlers for queries got introduced. There seems to be a problem with the adoption of my "on success trigger"-queries. After the update retool uses very old names of my queries(like the query name when i initially created it, the names changed over time) and now nothing works anymore because there are obviously no querys with that old name....
Am i the only one with that problem? Do i have to check all my queries now and change every single query name?


Hi there!

I have not heard of others hitting this bug yet, but let's get to the bottom of it! :face_with_monocle:

Have already gone through and reconnected your event handlers? Also, would you be up for emailing me a JSON export of one of the affected apps as an example? My email is

Thank you!

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We've found the root cause for this issue and back-ported the fix into the latest 2.74

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