Encountered an error (http 500)

I see this bug almost every time I open up the retool database. It is constantly failing to load Retool databases inside of Retool's UI or within a query. I get these two errors consistently. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to avoid this? Ps this happens on both large and small database's so I don't think that size is the problem here. This is vital because when this goes down users cannot use my applications.

Error 1:

Encountered an error (http 500)

Error 2:

Postgres connection error: sorry, too many clients already

Error 3:

Postgres connection error: remaining connection slots are reserved for non-replication superuser connections

Can anyone help me understand why these are consistently coming up both when I try to load the databases UI or when I query them in my applications?

Hey @Josh_Bullough! We have seen this error before with orgs still on the original db provider for RetoolDB. I've migrated your org to the newer provider, can you check now and let me know if you still see the issue? Are you using the connection strings for the dbs anywhere? They will have changed and need to be updated if you are.