Recent performance degradation

In the past week or two we've noticed queries that previously took 1 - 2 seconds now taking several seconds upwards of 30 - 60 seconds at times. When running the same queries directly against the database (outside of Retool) we see the queries take under 1 second to complete. There has also been variability at times. Some days the queries are really snappy, at other times they're incredibly slow. This seems to also be variable across users.

Have there been any recent changes to the Retool platform that could be causing these performance issues?

Hey @brycehemme! Is this still happening (sorry for checking in with you so late)? It doesn't look like we've many any breaking performance upgrades recently, aside from our new runtime, which we launched a few months ago and should ideally do the opposite of what's happening with you :sweat_smile:

"The new runtime improves the speed and efficiency of queries, evaluating template strings and JavaScript transformers, handling custom events, and more. Early customers see up to 75% faster performance on page load."

Are you on Cloud or Self-Hosted? And do you know of any trends between affected users (OS, browser, browser extensions, VPNs, location, etc.)?

Thanks for the follow up. From my side, it seems all of the API calls for data return quickly but they seem to get hung up in client side processing / rendering. I was able to put in a temporary fix by reducing the data but the size of data wasn’t huge by any means - 500 rows with 10 columns for the biggest data set and there’s about 10 data sets. Regardless, for now I’m in good shape but the sudden degradation in performance seemed off from what we had been seeing for the same amount of data and controls.

That's definitely strange. Glad to hear you're in good shape now and I'm sorry this happened in the first place. Definitely let us know if this happens again :pensive: