Self-hosted Performance Issues Doing Most Things

I'm having issues on the self-hosted version of retool, my chrome browser seems to be very laggy even when I do simple tasks like, renaming a query, typing into the query name box is very laggy.

I am running retool inside a docker container, and I have given docker half of my machine resources:

CPUs: 4
Memory: 8GB
Swap: 2GB

Has anyone experienced anything similar, is this something that can be tuned with config in the container or something?

Hi @cameron.pearce!

Sorry for such a late reply here, I imagine dealing with performance issues like this for an extended period of time is really frustrating. These issues can be tough to debug but I'm happy to look into this with you. Is it something you noticed when first setting up Retool? Have you been able to compare it to the cloud version to see if it's unique to your self-hosted instance?

Yeah I've started running into serious lagging on self-hosted.

Just want to post our docs on building performant apps here in case that's helpful!

But it sounds, from the original post, like this could be a separate issue. @lsargent would you mind describing in a little more detail where exactly you're running into lag?

It helps us build context if we can put together a pattern around the behavior that we might be able to debug. That can include things like:

  • If it's happening in a single app or across all of your apps
  • If it happens consistently or intermittently (e.g. does this happen at a particular time of day? does it happen after an app has been open for a while?)
  • If the lag you're seeing is with running queries or interacting with the frontend
  • If this started happening suddenly or if you noticed it build up over time

Let me know what you're seeing!

Hey guys, so sorry for the late reply also, my performance issues were related to the table component using the scrolled paging method, and having a large number of rows in the dataset (multiple tables). Once I switched to a number of pages/limited rows approach, the performance was much better.

Albeit I tested this well before the table components recent refresh, I'm sure improvements to that have already been made :slight_smile:

Hello @cameron.pearce

Just checking in to confirm if this is now okay after switching to a pagination option.

Yea all good now thanks!