App freezes google chrome / throws error in FireFox, React #185

Hi all,

I'm relatively new to retool and try to build productive app for our company.
Currently I face a critical issue as it blocks any further steps.

I build an app which shows a data table with data from a postgresql database. You can select rows and trigger update actions, like changing names in the database etc.
Quite simple.

Over night the app stopped working and I do not find any connection to the work I did.

In google chrome the app the app open as white page in view mode and freezes the whole tab. Only closing the tabs helps to get out.
When opening the app in edit mode als the edit frames, modals etc. open and after a few sec the window freezes again.

So I installed FireFox. In FireFox everything loads, but the table content itself is not there but I see an error message:
"Error: Minifield React error #185; visit....", see attached screenshot.

Hiding the table enables google chrome to open the app again.
Playing around with the table settings sometimes solves the issue, but it comes back randomly. I cannot identify a pattern.
The table is pretty basic: Shows the database content. No special colors, styling, etc.

I also checked on my phone with google chrome - same issue.

In this state I cannot continue and I have no clue what causes the issue.
Please advice


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Same for me, app works in edit and preview mode. But end user mode will freeze the app and will throw thousands of javascript warnings. This started today without making any changes in the app.

Thanks for the response. Helps to make me believe the issue is not caused by my changes.

I just found an ugly fix: I duplicated the table, delete the original one, rewired everything to the new table. Now it works again.
Questionable that the fix will hold.

This happens to me as well, retool support hasn't been responsive, so I'm not sure what to do!

Any news on that? I got the same issue

Sorry y'all are running into this.

Can anyone share an app export where this is happening? (Edit App > ... > Export to JSON). Attach in this thread or send to

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My updates to this topic are in this thread:

Check your email, please. The message subjet I sent you is (Apps Freezing Issue) from my email address (

Hey all, we've rolled back some recent changes, and the issue should be resolved.

Please let me know if you're still experiencing issues.


From what I can see the issue is fixed for me.
Thanks a lot!

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