Resizeable text in textArea input widget

Hey Retool team,

This board is incredibly helpful and you are all amazing.
I feel shame for making a post that certainly already exists.

My boss and I would like a textArea input with bigger text.
Because some of our team, are like, older. You know. And not the most adept at scaling things on their screen to get around small widget problems.
As a consequence, they do a poor job on documentation because they don't think it matters.
And I sometimes feel bad for forcing them to use the things that I make in Retool as they are.

I was able to make an html textarea that the user could edit, and it was awesome.
Problem is that the retool runtime (or whatever) can't access the state as it is changed by the user; it can only get at the state in the field where I can modify the HTML.

Why can't you use the regular Text Area component? Is it that the font size is too small? Or is literally everything too small?

It looks like someone gave us exactly what we want. This new Rich Text Editor does the trick.
Thank you, Retool!

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