Retool<>HubSpot integration missing feature

Hi team,
While I develop a data sync workflow between Retool and HubSpot. I realized the Retool connector for "GET /crm/v3/timeline/{appId}/event-templates" lacked the API key section(the screenshot attached). I guess we need an additional string like "/event-templates?hapikey={developer's HAPI key} to call that API besides app id.

Thank you.

Hello @Y_O!

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

May I ask, what do you want to get back from the query? Is it meant to sync a retool workflow with a Hubspot workflow or a Hubspot app?

The description of the route you screenshotted in the Retool query says that the GET route ending in /{appId}/event-templates is used to "list all event templates owned by your app" so if you want to sync workflows I think you might need another route all together to do so.

I was just looking at the Hubspot docs here to investigate this and it appears that as of Nov 30th 2022 Hubspot is deprecating the Hubspot API key (Which I believe is the same as the HAPI key you mentioned).

If you want a Retool query to trigger an already created Hubspot event, you might want to use one of the default POST routes from the Retool Query dropdown.

It appears that the GET routes are all for getting a response of data that details of a Hubspot event.

Let me know if you have Hubspot docs to the route you listed at the end, we might be able to find a workaround with a custom URL string for a query that isn't provided in Retool while we wait for a feature request!

Hello @Y_O,

Hoping to get some more clarification on what feature would help your URL builder work best to interact as you would like with the Hubspot API!

Was a little confused on what error you were running into with the key-value pairing for appId as you had displayed in your screenshot and if you had been able to pass in your API key or whatever new key/auth token that Hubspot and switched over to using.