Retool -> Hubspot


I'm trying to create new deals in Hubspot based on new user sign-ups that are being pulled into a retool database. When posting to Hubspot from a retool workflow however, I get an error missing scopes for and The OAuth in Retool doesn't allow me to add these scopes though, does anyone know if there is a workaround for this?

I believe when you create the resource for your Hubspot API you should be able to set the following:

How is your workflow setup to post the new deals?

Thanks @pyrrho but I'm not seeing an option to Auth2.0 authentication. Am I not using the right resource to establish the API connection?

Oh, I see! I did not realize there was an OOTB HubSpot resource. My apologies.

I think if you were to make a REST API resource from scratch you would find these options to establish an OAuth2.0 which you may need to do as the workaround if the connector doesn't allow you to add the scopes you need as-is.

Thank @pyrrho I ended up getting this to work using the Hubspot resource, but also using the private app token authentication instead of OAuth.... really appreciate the help here!

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