[Feature Request] HubSpot<>Retool Integration update

Hi team,

  • Background
    I tried to retrieve HubSpot contact data using CRM API(POST /crm/v3/objects/contacts/batch/read) via Retool. And in this time, I have to use "email" as a key property to get HubSpot contact data.

  • Problem
    Following the HubSpot API specification, User can retrieve HubSpot Contact data using email as a key, but need to write "properties" section first(example below)

  "properties": [
  "idProperty": "email",
  "inputs": [
      "id": "lgilmore@thedragonfly.com"
      "id": "sstjames@thedragonfly.com"

However, when I follow the Retool workflow resource UI(attached1), the order will be like this.


Even if I tried to edit a original code in the resource section, it's automatically escape processed and looks impossible to re-order the code.

  • Ask
    Could you improve UI to we can set a email to a key id?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @joeBumbaca ,
I'm the person who asked you about the HubSpot scope setting before. Allow me to ping you here just for sure.

Hey @Y_O! If you wrap those properties in an array, does this work for you?

Hey @joeBumbaca , it worked. Thank you navigating me for the right direction!