Retool Forms persistent submission error

Hi all,

I have built a form in Retool Forms and made a db from its fields to host the responses. It's a lengthy form with many field types, some required, some not.

Every time I submit the form in testing, I receive the following error text: 'Oops! There seem to be invalid fields in your submission'
Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 7.53.17 AM

My form is here:

Could somebody help me debunk this error please?

Thanks in advance for your help!


PS looking forward to seeing improvements to Forms—multi step/page would be amazing, and the ability to save a submission and return to it would be super helpful too.

I tried your form and came across the error but can't help unless I see the underlying configuration :sob:

+1 to supporting multi-step forms natively.

Though you can get around this right now by manually building forms with the retool builder and using the step component! happy to help you out if you want

Hey @casey_hemingway! That error doesn't point to any particular item, so as @retoolschool mentioned we'd need to see the implementation to figure this out.

Thanks for your feedback team. Let me know what of the config would you need to see and I can provide it for you :slight_smile:

@casey_hemingway The error is likely coming from validations you have added to specific fields. I'd start by looking at each one individually and checking against a test input. You can't share the config of the Form with us, so it is likely something that you need to test. Let me know if you come across something you'd like to investigate further.