FORM issues - Submissions & Response Summary

  • Goal: To use the new FORMs in Retool

I have had to make 3 different forms. I ended up having to make it from scratch. when i made it form a db table it would just error on submission. Now that i made it from scratch i can submit it but the submission log is empty

This is what happened on my first (2) forms

Hello @PadenM!

Couple quick questions, when you got the error message on the pre-built form submission, did you see what error message you got in your console if you open up the chrome browser inspector?

I tried to replicate your bug and got the same error, when I inspected the browser was getting a 422 Error. I noticed that the form's auto-builder had included an ID area to be entered in, this was causing collisions in the database because the database automatically handles incrementing and assigning new IDs and did not know where to put the ID coming from form.

When I edit the form and removed the ID option the error went away and it worked! I was able to see the entry created in the correct Retool DB table.

One last question, where is the submission log you are referring to? I can log a note to our engineers to prevent the creation of ID replicants in DB generated forms!

I was referring to the tab called Responses. For the submission Log.

I can't seem to delete the ID option from the form? When i make the form manually i can remove options and add freely. But when i did it from the DB, i had no control over removing options.

@PadenM Thank you or the info!

I just texted out a form and can see my responses. I had tried to submit a test form submission from my editor and wasn't getting my messages, then realized I needed to "publish" and then copy the url link to a new tab to enter/submit/get conformation of my for submit and the view it in the logs. Let me know if you still aren't seeing submissions in the form log after going through that flow.

We can also try to debug live at our office hours if you think that would be more helpful. They are 11am-noon PST Tuesdays and Thursdays.

My appolgoies instead of saying 'delete' I should have said "hid" as that was the actual action I was doing for the ID.

When you are in the form editor there should be an eye with a slash through it below "Form Fields" on the left, which will hide the ID input or any input and allow for the DB to generate the proper unique ID.