Retool Form compliance cookies issue

I wanted to discuss the issue of a cookie banner on our form landing page. It seems that the presence of Fullstory and Intercom cookies on the page is not directly managed by us, but rather by Retool for their business purposes.

As we release our app, we will have no control over these cookies and their functionalities. I am curious about how Retool plans to handle these cookies and what information they may collect from our form users. Additionally, I believe it is important to have a warning banner and an option to opt out of tracking to ensure compliance and respect for end users.

issue affect landing page like: ( )

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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just hit ctrl+f then type "cookie". both Fullstory and Intercom use first-party cookies and both are GDPR compliant:

hopefully this helps a bit while you wait for an official reply.

Hello, after 17 days we wrote to dpo at and also 2 emails to Joe Sweeny of Retool team and no way to get an answer to the cookie issue in Retool form. Please address asap thanks.


Thanks for flagging !
I'm taking a look at removing these cookies from Retool Forms for end users who are just filling out the forms.


Good morning, here the cookies at a Retool landing form page. Please let me know when will this removed to offer a cookie less form experience. Thanks


Thank you, @Alertact! I passed that along to the engineers working on this and will keep you updated with any progress.

Any update after 3 months? I hope !
I still see cookies

Any update ? I also ask to the DPO but no answer

Please fix this