Retool Form Builder Feature Requests

The new Retool form builder looks fantastic! Thank you!

I'm not sure if the following features are on the roadmap, but I have two suggestions after using it for just 5 minutes:

  1. It would be great to have the ability to add records to multiple tables. This would be particularly useful for linked records. For instance, in a contact sign-up form, it's common to store other information about the user in a separate table. However, requiring users to fill out two forms and link them together feels cumbersome.
  2. It would be wonderful to customize the thank you page after submission. Perhaps allowing redirection and the option to refill the form would be beneficial.

Agreed with Shaya, it is a fantastic addition to retool's offerings! I agree that being able to split answers between multiple tables is an important feature that should be added. Other things I would like to add are:

  1. For editable text areas, the entry field should be bigger than 2 lines of text, ideally able to resize as the respondent adds more text (or set a character count for sizing).
  2. Skip logic options (if selects "yes", then show a secondary question that is kept hidden otherwise).
  3. Ability to split to multiple pages (eg. page 1 is demographic questions, page 2 are substantive questions, and page 3 is thank you for submitting).
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