New Forms App Feature Requests

This looks really neat! I can make very sophisticated forms that are very dynamic and keep the data in my own silos.

A few requests.

  1. Allow me to set the form width.
  2. Some components are missing their layout features, such as the Checkbox and Radio Groups missing the Group Layout option so I can make the check boxes horizontal instead of vertical.
  3. Customizable Thank you page
  4. Option to remove the Retool ad on the Thank you page.
  5. Include the component name field in the Basic properties list rather than up on it's own bubble to the right.
  6. Pre and Post text along with top labeling of checkbox/radio options would be very helpful to be able to create an input like this:

That's all I've got for now. Well done on v1.0

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Thanks @bradlymathews!! Glad you are enjoying the first iteration of Forms. I've passed the feedback onto the team. Have a great day!

Hi there,
The forms app is unusable for critical path customer use cases where it doesn't make sense to be exposing an ad for another service. We really need the ability to remove the ad from the submission page of the form app.