Forms: Populating a select dropdown question component from a query

I would LOVE to be able to populate a dropdown selection in the new Retool Forms feature with certain entries of a query. Primarily, this is for data validation. I want to make sure that when we are filling out a form about a certain person in my database, we have the form linked to the right person

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+1 for this, thanks for submitting it @Elliott_Dobbs .

I think this is a basic feature that will be needed for all but the most basic use cases.

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Thanks @Elliott_Dobbs and @AM-BE for this feature request! I know the team really appreciates feedback from early users of the new Retool Forms feature. I've filed the request and the +1 internally for the product team's consideration. We'll keep you updated here if/when there's movement on it!

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We are actively working on adding simplified query (select resource -> table -> column) in select (and other components). This will likely come out before end of next week !!

If you have more feedback on Retool Forms, please let us know !

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@kbn and @james.lee

Pumped to see it in action!

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@james.lee @kbn

This looks awesome y'all! Thank you so much for your work on this and to the other devs!
What we are trying to do with this is definitely in a workable state, and I'm sure it is for many others!

A "One step further" I am hoping for in the future is to potentially be able to attach other columns or data to the selection. For example, I want to fill out an incident form for a particular person, so the drop-down could be filled in with people's names, but the submitted data could also include a column for their database ID so that the submitted data could be tied to the person represented in the database!

Just an idea, and again, this can work for us as is! Appreciate y'all!

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