Boolean/ Checkbox to the new Forms

Loving the new Forms components and could see it replacing some of the items currently used in a dashboard. However, I would like to see a Boolean or checkbox option for the inputs in the Form documents.

Additionally, it would be nice to set default values or drop downs like in the apps based on query data. (Although, at that point its just a module with more steps).

Hi @tspecht Thanks for reaching out! Any chance you could share some screenshots of what you're working on? I'm not sure yet which form you're referring to, but I want to make sure we document your feedback as a feature request internally

Hi Tess,

Apologies, I am trying to remember back to when I posted this. Looking at the forms now, it looks like the things I mentioned have been added.

I think the bigger item I would like to see is just having the ability to run JS scripts and queries as users change or input new values in the forms to make them more dynamic.

Hi @tspecht Np! Apologies for the late response.

:+1: I'll share this feedback internally. Are you referring to the standalone Retool Form beta that is currently separate from the app builder? I can see how you'd want to make that more dynamic

Sorry, yes the standalone form builder.

Thank you!