Retool Email Reply-To Address

I'm using the new Retool Email.
I've added a reply-to address in the query.
Still, when the email is sent it has this displayed.


Is this expected behaviour?

Hi @jason3w,

Yes, this is expected behavior when using Retool Email. The reply-to address is only used for display purposes and does not affect the actual email address that replies are sent to. This is because Retool Email uses a shared SMTP server, which is not configured to allow replies to be sent to individual users.

If you need to collect replies to emails sent from Retool, you can use your own SMTP server or a third-party email service that allows you to configure a custom reply-to address.

Hope this helps.



I see. It is rather misleading though, given that hitting reply will then show the reply to address entered in the query.
Perhaps if there is a reply to address set it should display something less misleading or ideal the entered reply to address which would be the expected behaviour.

This is expected behavior.

The sender should be
You can inspect the properties of the email to see that the reply-to is set correctly.
If you try to reply to the email, you'd see the To Email on your email client be set as the reply-to email. Let me know if that doesn't match what you see? I repro'd this and it works.

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The thing is, recipients are trained to not reply to emails that are named no-reply.
So it's certainly not ideal.

Could your email message body make it explicit that replying is ok? For more powerful use cases we recommend using the SMTP resource type.

Yes, of course. But if you guys could display the actual reply to address that would be ideal.

Just trying to understand the request better. If by "displaying the actual reply to address" do you mean making the sender email to be the reply to address..? Note that the reply to would belong to a different domain from the domain (since you'd want to receive those email responses there), and would fail SPF, DKIM and DMARC since we can't send emails on your behalf. I may be misunderstanding your request here though.

Ah, I see the issue you've outlined.
Perhaps for each subdomain, you could use one of 2 emails.
If a reply-to email is set in the query, use
Otherwise, use

Just a thought. For now we will use a work around. Thanks

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That is a good idea and should be quick. Let me propose this internally, but I can't make a commitment on the timeline yet.

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Hi @jason3w, thank you so much for your suggestion - it made total sense so we've fixed it today and the change will be live the next time we deploy (next Wednesday).