What kind of backup or redundancy does Retool Cloud have for apps, queries, workflows, etc

Questions from a client (as rephrased by me):

  1. Aside from downloading the JSON for our own apps and workflows, what redundancies or backups do you have in the case your datacenter burns down or other catastrophe?

  2. Is there a way for us to backup the query library like we can get JSON for apps?

  3. Is there a way to backup our resources?


Good, another request here - Download backup with one click

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Great question. If you're using the Retool DB, you can backup with pgAdmin. Not sure about the other resources.

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I was asking myself the same questions.
We should be able to do a complete private backup of the Retool data, as a backup of yours.
I bet going self-hosted answer this question, but being Cloud as it own advantages