Database backups / snapshots


I'm working on our second retool app now that's using the Retool Database for data storage. One thing that's a bit of a concern is that retool doesn't seem to provide any mechanism for database backups / snapshots. I'm not concerned with a scenario where there is an infrastructure failure (I assume retool is internally covering that case with some sort of backup / recovery strategy), but rather with a scenario where, for example, I have a bug in my code and I accidentally delete some important application data from a table.

Is there any system / mechanism / process for me to control the creation of snapshots (or equivalent), including how often they are taken, how many are saved before deletion, etc, and also have access to recovering data from a snapshot myself? Or do I have to roll my own solution using external tools?


Hey @sr112233! You are correct that we are covering the case of infrastructure failure and can access backups of everything in case of emergency. You are also correct that there currently isn't any native way to handle backups yourself. You could use an external tool, or a combination of workflows and CSV exports or additional (essentially duplicate) RetoolDB tables. I'll also submit this as a feature request for you.

+1, There should definitely be an option to backup Retool database.

@joeBumbaca are there any updates on this?

Hey @Matti, no updates on this yet. It's not on the near term roadmap, but I'll update this topic as soon as I get any additional information.