Sync data from Retool-DB

Hi there,

I've seen that there's a connection string in the Retool-DB (cloud). Is it possible to host an on-premise database which connects to this connection string and fetch the data as a local backup of the cloud database?

The space limit of 5 GB is way more that I need, so it's really just for backup purpose because I'm always a bit afraid of putting data solely to the cloud without any access to backups or something.

Hey @ankou - With the Retool DB connection strings, you can connect to your databases with whatever external tool and do whatever you'd like with your data. You'd just have to own whatever is handling connecting to, exporting, and importing the database data (e.g. a periodic script that uses something like pg_dump to export the data to a file).

Hi Jmann. How do you generate this Retool DB connection strings for downloading the retool cloud db's?

Never mind. found it.