Retool database add row field order

I've just created my first retool database, however I chopped and changed the schema as I went along. When I add a new row, it seems to give me the fields ordered by type, and then the order that they were created. I want the fields in the add row dialog to be in the same order as I see them in the table (please :smiley: ) otherwise this adds unnecessary cognitive load.

Slightly separately, I wasn't quite sure which category to use for the Retool-Database feature. (Workflows/apps seems to have their own category).

In your initial table load query, select the fields in the order you want them to be... screenshots?

So here is my table:
However I created column_2 after the other columns, and used the fields drop-down to manually change the order:
When I click 'Add Row' I get the following dialog:
Here, column_2 is out of sequence because that dialog shows in creation order.
If I now change column_2 to be a check box instead, then the add row dialog becomes this:
Where type is also prioritised over the order that I myself have configured through the fields drop-down.
I was expecting the order of columns in the add row dialog to match the order that I have configured in the table view.

However, this is also what I meant about not being sure where to post this, because I suspect from your answer that you thought I was struggling to get the right order from a resource query within an app/workflow, but I'm talking about the new-ish Retool Database feature which combines the Postgres db with the spreadsheet interface. :wink:

Ah, I understand my problem having now restarted my computer. The fields drop down doesn't persist the changes anywhere, so changing the order has no meaningful effect. It would be great if it was possible to customise the order that the fields appear in the add row dialog - especially for the type, which seems to override the creation order anyway.

Noted @Jamey_Abdelnoor! Thanks for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face: I let the dev team know and can pass it along here if the change is included.