Allow to set default ordering on the Resources

I define resource names according to object/table names. Therefore it's better to see resource queries referring to the same object together. However, after every refresh or start editing the app, I have to change ordering to alphabetical (A-Z) order manually.

Please provide the setting

  1. I can define my default ordering option
  2. Last-used ordering is used after a page refresh (F5)

Thank you


A sample of my queries and why alphabetical ordering is useful for me

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I hear you on this one. The only solution that I have found is to manually organize the resources when I add them. That way when I load again, they are in the correct order (which there is only one valid order -- Alphabetical! :laughing:)

This is the workaround. Once there are so many workarounds, a person can start thinking, why still use the tool and not create the app using the javascript and open source tools without workarounds and comprimises?

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Ha -- good luck building Retool. :laughing: