Retool Course on Udemy for Beginners and Non-Technical People

Hi all!

To anyone interested in a Udemy course to quickly ramp up on Retool, I've created: Beginner's Guide to Retool for Non-Technical People .

As a non-technical product manager, I found it challenging to get up to speed on Retool and create a fully functional app from scratch. I figured there must be others out there in the same boat as me. That's why I've put together a course covering basic and more advanced concepts to give you a solid foundation in just a few hours.

You will get a $5 discount using the provided link!

I hope this helps!

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This looks really interesting! A couple of questions:

  1. Do you cover reporting tools and charts?
  2. Do you cover how to effectively use the AI tool for mysql queries?

Those are two things I have been wanting to look at lately. Thanks!

Hi @macphreak! I do cover charts and statistics components in the course. Let me know if you have anything specific in mind around this topic.

I also touch upon AI applications for parsing documents and provide an overview of Retool's AI features. However, I didn't delve into the AI SQL helper as I found it quite self-explanatory. Did you encounter any challenges using it? If so, I would be curious to hear more about your experience!

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hi Pierre,
Could you include the workflows please?