Retool REAMS (Real Estate Management System)

I found a Real Estate Agency in Canada a few weeks ago. When I looked into their current way of doing things, I found they are using Google Sheets to track their Real Estate Deals. It was a kind of messy system that was very prone to errors. So I suggested they move to Retool. Then they asked me to build a POC.

I started with a Retool PG database where they can start recording their daily deal inputs using a form.

Then I spun up a Retool Workflow to do most of the data manipulation stuff by getting Retool AI to write SQL statements for me.

The next step was creating some Resource Queries

Once I tested my Resource query functionality, I quickly managed to create some visualizations for them to have their existing Google Sheets stuff inside Retool.

Going a little further, I added a Retool AI Chat modal form to the UI which the users really loved.

Since this is a Prototype, I didn't add more features. But I feel I can convert this POC to a fully-fledged REAMS.

Thank you for reading this.


Awesome! Thank you for sharing all of these screenshots :sunglasses:

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