I have created an online step by step course to get you building real world apps using retool,does anyone want to buy it?

《Retool in Action》

It contains many apps I made. Currently they are written in Chinese. Is anyone interested? If you are willing to buy, I can translate it into English

table of contents

PART1: foundations of retool

  1. What is retool and Micro SaaS
  2. Compare retool to other internal tool
  3. Reading and writing data in MySQL
  4. JavaScript in Retool
  5. API in Retool, REST API and GraphQL

PART2: create online tool

  1. Create unix timestamp converter
  2. Create password generator
  3. Create a tool that can provide weather forecast for cities

PART3: real world apps

  1. Text to image, AI Image Generator
  2. Management of epidemic isolation personnel
  3. Management of street vendors
  4. Management of chronic patients

PART4: retool in depth

  1. Reading and writing data in elasticsearch
  2. Reading and writing data in redis
  3. SSO and user permissions
  4. Custom component
  5. API Generator
  6. Custom theme
  7. Query library

If you want to monetise your knowledge, I'd recommend you publishing blog posts about how you solved specific problems, and sell consulting to businesses instead. That way, you solve problems that people have :-).

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I am interested. please reach out at benjiemalinao87@gmail.com

This sounds awesome - if you end up putting the course on Udemy or another platform where people can access it, would love to help spread the word about it.

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I am interested. Have you posted on to Udemy or other platfom?

Is this course still available?

yes, I need feedback to improve my course, I will publish 《Retool in action video edition》on Udemy,

I also provided newsletter for everyone to subscribe, course are available first in the newsletter, and later I'll make a video and post it on udemy

come to discord and have a one-on-one conversation with me. I will prioritize making or translating the content you need

Hi all,

To anyone interested in a Udemy course to quickly ramp up on Retool, I've created: Beginner's Guide to Retool for Non-Technical People. You will get a $5 discount using this link!

I hope this helps!