Retool Cloud - Okta Integration

Integration with Okta as an IdP/SSO for Retool Cloud would greatly improve the central security and management of my organizations use/data in Retool. This is currently a security risk to my organization in its current configuration as an independent platform. Thanks!


Hi there, Chris here from the Retool team!

I'd be happy to chat in more detail about your business needs and see how we can support your use case.

Here is my email to contact me directly: and from there I can help coordinate a good time to chat :grin:


Likewise! I would love to integrate cloud with Okta as well, but it sounds like you guys on support SSO on the on-prem version. Any way around this?

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Checking back in here - Feel free to reach out to or drop your email below!

+1, would love to see Okta (and other SSO providers) supported in the cloud version


Hey folks!

Just want to give an update here that configuring other SSO providers is now also available for Enterprise orgs without needing to go through the self-hosting process:

This is part of a new Enterprise Cloud offering that's now available, if you're interested you can reach out to the team here !