Avoiding double login when embedding Retool cloud app


We have a React app, which serves as Admin tool for the staff in our company. While creating the apps they need, we need to embed existing retool application in the admin tool.

As read here there is a way to share auth state between apps, by using the same SSO IdP which is Google. We use Google SSO to login into the Admin tool React app. When navigating to the page where the retool app is embedded (using react-retool), the user is prompted to login again (all the users use the Google SSO).

How can we avoid the double login in this scenario? Can we implement the behavior of TRIGGER_SAML_LOGIN_AUTOMATICALLY in the cloud retool?

Hi @ChrisHng!

As you referenced, this is something that we can currently only do via environment variables for self-hosted instances. I'll add this to a feature request to allow that for cloud!