Retool app crash when using tags in table component on version 2.119.14 (resolved by upgrading + using new Table)

Hey @Kabirdas, it seems that some of our Retool dashboards continue to crash when using tags in the table component. We have confirmed that changing tags to plain text prevents the dashboard from crashing, and that the table component we are using is not deprecated.

Is there any action item from Retool to improve the performance of tags in tables back to its original state from before this regression was introduced?

In the meantime, we are using alternative approaches by implementing custom components instead of tags in tables, but this is not ideal as we already use tags elsewhere in our dashboards.

Hey @eddy, thank you for surfacing this! How precisely can you say when the tables started crashing? Are you also noticing it for any tag column or is there a particular configuration that causes the crash?

A screenshot or recording would be great for reference as well!

Thanks for the quick response!

The tables have actually been crashing for some time now, several months; but we have reached the point where we are no longer able to avoid resolving the issue.

The issue occurs for any tag column (regardless if the column is a custom column).

I am unfortunately unable to upload screenshots at the moment as the table displays sensitive information.

One thing to note is that we are using Retool version 2.119.14. Perhaps we need to upgrade to a certain version to obtain the benefits of the "new" Table component described in this thread?

I had the similar issues, Since I started using the retool, I had to change my device few months ago due to some reasons and accidentally it resolved my issue.

I would definitely recommend upgrading Retool if you're still on version 2.119! The new table is far more performant and has a bundle of new features, you can check out a migration guide for moving from the legacy table here. Newer versions also come with a new app runtime that greatly improves app loading speeds.

Hey @Kabirdas, I can confirm that upgrading the Retool service to version 2.123.19 and migrating to the latest Table component has resolved the crash issue! Thank you very much for your help!

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