Retool API - User invite not returning invite link


The get user invite query is not returning invite_link. Any ideas?

Hey there, I do see that the invite link is missing. That's frustrating. Can you please share the request details? Also, is this happening for selected users or all users? Thanks!

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Thank you for sharing these screen-shots. After you send the invite to new users, do they get an email invitation?

Yes. I sent one to my personal email and it made it to my inbox

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. You're correct that "invite_link" data should be there after sending a GET request to /user_invites. I've filed a bug report for the issue. While I don't have a specific timeline for the fix, we'll make sure to get this updated as soon as possible and to let you know when it's done.

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This fix is now available in v3.33-stable.