Production and Staging Resources in Query Library


I would love to have a toggle in the query library between staging and production, currently it looks like its only available for production resources. (or am I missing something?)

@JoeyKarczewski Your queries will depend on the resource you are using. Are you asking if you can have one set of queries for Retool Staging and another for Retool Production? If so, I am not aware of being able to do that, but you can stop a query from running or only execute a query based on environment in the Advanced tab:
{{retoolContext.environment == "production"}}
Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 10.42.47 AM

Hi @ScottR

Thanks for the reply!

I'm talking about the query library, not an application. In the query library there isn't a way to toggle between production and staging resources

Yep, you can only toggle between authentication resources as it relates to environment as far as I can tell.

I think the goal here is to be able to develop in the query library and test against the Staging environment of a resource. Currently, you can only toggle between staging/production within an app.

I have a workflow where I am developing the backend / storage / APIs, and then exposing them to another team member who is building the actual Retool apps through creating the queries in the query library. Often times, the new APIs aren't yet deployed to the production environment yet, so I have to use a fake app of my own to test the newly developed queries, which requires sharing them before they're necessarily confirmed to be working.

It's a small team so it's not much of an issue, but it would certainly be nice to be able to toggle between production/staging within the query library feature.

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Hi Retool team!

Has there been any update on this?

This still would be super helpful :slight_smile:


No timeline yet, but it is something we want to ship! We'll post here when it's live

Hi there! :tada: We have a new feature for toggling environments in the query library. It is currently blocked by a bug that we need to fix, but it should be available soon


@Tess - Is there an update to be able to toggle environments in the query library ?

Hi @fragrant_issues I haven't been notified of any updates, but let me double check! Thanks for checking in

Hi @fragrant_issues I'm so sorry! While I didn't get the expected notification to remind me to update this post, this feature has shipped :tada:

It should be available on Cloud + on-premise 2.113+

Is 2.113+ still an unreleased version ? I can't seem to find it in

2.113.6 is released! It looks like the release notes haven't published quite yet.

@Tess is it possible to use this toggle to have a different version of queries for staging and production? In our workflow, we push updates to staging, and then eventually up to production. Currently this means that our queries (and therefor our apps) are often only working on one environment or the other. What I would like to do is update a query for staging only, and then once it is tested and verified, promote or copy the changes and save them to the production version of the query.

Are there any plans to introduce this or similar functionality that will allow our internal apps to match typical development flows?

Hi @Kayne_Lynn,

Unfortunately, it doesn't have that level of complexity :disappointed: The toggle only switches which credentials are used for a given query.

It sounds like your team may need something like our source control feature. Unfortunately, source control is an enterprise feature only (though we do offer it for Cloud & Self hosted Enterprise accounts).