"Refresh schema" button not working

I am trying to implement a Workflow using a Retool DB table that was just created. I can't access the new tables in the database because this Workflow page doesn't recognize them. The "Refresh schema" button does nothing, and refreshing the schema in other apps (the workaround suggested by other posts) did not work for me either. I would appreciate some help on this.

this happens to me occasionally, for me though a simple page refresh updates the working list of tables and stuff. also, have you checked the browser dev-tools or the retool debug window after pressing the 'Refresh Schema' button? on rare occassions I get CORS errors and nothing will update, I have to either enable or disable a chrome extension for CORS headers (no clue why, but just toggling it to the opposite state it was in (from off to on or vice versa) fixes it somehow :man_shrugging:

After refreshing enough times one resolved my issue. Appreciate your help.

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