Workflow - not recognizing retool database changes

So I am in the middle of building a workflow. Then I created a table , but when trying from the workflows -> new resource query -> it is not showing the new table,

Then I removed a test table that was present in my db , reload the workflow page -> still it is showing the test table.

Let me know if it's a bug or issue with me,

I had to go to all workflow page , then edit -> this time it is showing correct tables

Hey @mpmohi!

Updates to the schema of any resource, not just RetoolDB, do not stream to the editor live at the moment. The query to get the schema from your database and populate the GUI query is only run on page load of the various Retool editors (including Mobile, the App builder, Workflows, as well as Query Library). That is why you saw the fix here when navigating away then back to the workflow editor.

I've linked this to a related feature request to help streamline this experience, and we'll post any updates to this thread!


Hey folks! This is a bit of a late update but just want to mention here that query blocks now indicate the amount of time that has passed since the schema was last fetched and also give you an option to reload the schema manually without needing to refresh the full page:

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