Bug: Refreshing Dev (or non-prod) Schema

I'm trying to work with the Retool DB in a Dev env. I've created a new table, but the GUI in Blocks and Functions returns no tables. Also, the "last refreshed" indicator says 5 hours ago no matter how many times I refresh the page.

I noticed this in the dev console though, which leads me to believe it's a bug. Whenever I hit the refresh schema button, it looks like it's calling for the schema in the production env. I've seen other posts on here, even recent ones about this bug, but I've tried hard refreshing, closing and opening tabs, different computers, nothing seems to work. Really feels like the environment is hard coded into the refresh button at this point!

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@MikeCB yep seeing the same behavior. new dev table for retoolDB, switched off production to dev in workflow bottom left, refresh schema in resource block, error with fetch looking for production still.

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Hey Mike thanks for reporting this behavior. Would you mind sharing the other posts you've seen? Thanks!

For sure, here's one I still have open:

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It used to be a problem for me, but it seemed to have been resolved. The old post I used to keep an eye on is here: Bug - Workflow - Schema are not refreshing.


Thanks @jg80, your workaround (close everything and go back in) worked for me, but definitely not ideal since I had quite a few things open.

Oddly enough, when I went to SQL mode and ran a SELECT * FROM test, it did return the data from the test table in the Dev env, however it didn't update the schema or allow me to see the tables in the GUI view until I closed everything and went back in.

Yeah, the good ol' "power cycle the unit" approach never ceases to amaze...

My experience was the same as yours @MikeCB; everything works fine but the schema data gets stale. More of an issue when trying to build out new things in the DB and workflows at the same time, especially if you like the autocomplete or not having to switch back and forth between tabs to remember what you called your new critical field in the DB :wink:

I just tried it in a workflow I am in and the refresh initially worked but brought no data, then a second refresh it worked fine (I'm using an external to Retool Postgres DB).

This actually looks like a bug in Retool. I've went ahead and filed a internal bug to fix this. I don't have a timeline for when this will be ready, but I can continue to keep you updated when it's available. Thank you for bringing this up!

Since they are a few of you being impacted by this, it would help us greatly if you could share what Retool version you are using. Thanks!

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