Redirect user to retool dashboard after login

Hi, i am creating a simple login system using express js, mysql db. How can i redirect user to retool dashboard after user login? I am new to node js as well as retool. Thanks for your suggestions

@basavashreepatil are you expecting for someone to login to retool and then arrive at a specific landing page for an application?
If so you can do this under settings depending on your plan - if you're on the free plan this cannot be set under settings.

After i create a dashboard fetching the details from db. How do i use that dashboard in my node js application. That dashboard should be displayed after user logs in. I don't know if i put the question in a right way.

Hey @basavashreepatil! Are you interested in embedding your Retool app?

Hey Victoria , i just embedded retool into my app . Thanks for the reply .

Awesome, very glad to hear it! :clap: