Login page before showing my Retool app

I've seen the Retool docs for the REST-API login. But it's less/less explained for a simple problem?
My goal is to show a username and password form BEFORE my Retool app opens up. The username and password can be fetched from my Remote database (postgres) URI.

So yea, a user must be a part of my auth-table to view my Retool app.
If anyone can point to a simple solution, it'll be very much helpful.
Thanks for your time!

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i have same question. Nobody have a solution step by step?

If I understand correctly, you want a user to login to ReTool, and then login to an App?

If you are on business plan, why not just apply groups and permissions so Apps are only available to the authorized users?

Also, it's worth noting, you cannot use the ReTool API unless you are on Enterprise.

Hey everyone, we do have another post about having a login modal for an app here. Please let us know if this is what you're looking for and if not please share any more context/details. Thank You!