Question about if I need multiple domains on Retool apps

Hi everyone, sorry if this is a basic question. We use Retool today and I've set up a custom domain. Let's say for example purposes my company is and I made the custom subdomain "retool" so; that works totally fine.

What happens though if I need to build an app that's for partners of ours, where they cannot use this domain, and instead need a custom one, such as type of thing? I assumed I'd have to sign up for a separate Retool account but then it doesn't let me as it says my email address is already in use, and I'm not interested in using multiple email addresses just to log into separate instances.


You’re now using hosted retool with a DNS configured (sub)domain?

I think the only way to achieve this is by either signing up for a new retool hosted instance with a separate mailaddress (maybe create an alias for the same mailaccount) or host retool yourself.
I’m not sure if each subscription allows you to spin up multiple instances with the same license key.

As of version 3.13 you can now log in to multiple Cloud orgs using the same email address! For the moment, you'll still need to spin up separate orgs for each client and have a separate account in each org (you'll also be billed as such) but they can share the same email addresses.

Each org has a scoped login screen at Instead of automatically being redirected to a different org you'll either be successfully logged in or receive an error message if you don't have an account in that org. The generic will still work, but if you're a member of multiple organizations you'll receive an email where you can choose the org you wish to log in to: