One email as a login for multiple Organizations

We’re a consultancy that uses Retool for clients’ tooling needs. We’d like to use one email address to login to separate organization accounts.

While we can host the account with a shared email + email hack (eg: our developers and designers all use personal email addresses ( to login usually. This would give us a correct user log and allow us to separate things like Billing, Resources, and App privacy without too much hassle.

We really like the flexibility Heroku’s org design provides, so that might be a good source of inspiration for how the menus work and such.

Hope this helps. Thanks.


Hey @toobulkeh, and welcome to the community! This is pretty timely, as we’ve been thinking internally about how to do a better job supporting consultancies / devshops. If you’d be interested in chatting more about it, I’m at!


We found a very elegant way to use the same email across many organizations.
Say you belong to batman_organization and want to join joker_organization as well.
Assuming your email is
You could use to join batman_organization and
use to join joker_organization.
You will now be member of both organizations using the same mail.
And you'll get to your email account emails from all your organizanizations.


Please @justin , listen to this fine gentleman's request.
This situation is extremely inconvenient and makes no sense.
Maybe Retool is such a good tool that it can afford to be inconvenient, but for how long?
CloudFlare user management is another good inspiration.
Thank you

I wish I could make features appear, but unfortunately our engineering team is really backed up :slight_smile: hopefully we'll get to it soon!

@justin , are there any updates on this since August '21?

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No updates yet! Currently, we're still just supporting the alias flow for one email:multiple organizations. With that said, I bumped this request internally so we'll see! :crossed_fingers:

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Circling back to confirm that it is now possible to belong to multiple Cloud organizations—i.e. and — with a single email. :tada: Thanks for expressing interest in this functionality!

Some things to keep in mind:
If you use a single email to access multiple Cloud environments, you’ll no longer be able to login directly from Instead you’ll need to access the organization-specific login page for the organization you wish to access. For example, if you want to login to you’ll need to visit

If you attempt to login from, you’ll receive an email with links to the organization specific login URLs for all of your Cloud organizations to guide you to the correct page.

Go forth and belong to multiple Cloud orgs if you'd like! :slight_smile: