Change subdomain only in a few specific apps of my account

Hello there. I am asking for a way to change the subdomain only in 5 specific apps in my account, that its because this subdomain change have requested in this project but i dont want to affect my other projects.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Operaciones_Devops

Thanks for reaching out! Could you share more details about the use case for needing different subdomains? Currently, each Retool Cloud organization can only have 1 subdomain.

One option could potentially be to create a new Retool account & export these 5 apps. Then, you can import them into your new account. There's a couple of caveats to this approach.

1) You'd have to re-create any resources that you're using in the new account

2) Each email can only be associated with one Retool organization, so you'd need to use a different email address for the new Retool org. You'd also have to invite any teammates that you want to access the apps (inviting them with different emails than they have in your current org)