Query works only in preview mode but not via "Run"

Hello all,

I have the following problem: The first column of my table contains per row the tag "Löschen", which should trigger a query and append data to a GSheet (see below). When I click on Preview, everything works as it should. But as soon as I try to execute the query via the tag or "Run", the query runs endlessly (e.g. 295s) and nothing happens.

What could be the cause for this?

Hi Burak! Apologies for the late reply here. If you run the query with simple test values, does it work? And has this query ever worked for you (aside from clicking Preview)? And is there anything in your console?

Hi Victoria, I guess deleting and re-adding the resource query fixed my problem. :slight_smile:

Great news!! Very happy to hear that and glad you're unblocked for now :slight_smile: